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November 5, 2014

Healthy changes, healthy conversations are part of the Fontenelle culture

“We have to help the whole child to get them to learn academically,” says Eric Nelson, principal at Fontenelle Elementary. “That means looking for different ways to help our children,…

September 19, 2014

CSA program becomes so popular Blue Cross Blue Shield extends it into the fall

Employees wanted to try it but were hesitant. Some admitted they never ate fruits and vegetables. Others worried they would waste weekly produce because they didn’t know how to incorporate…

July 21, 2014

Dial Properties brings square-foot gardening to their workplace

With fresh fruits available in their office and scheduled wellness walks on Fridays, Dial Properties already has made healthy strides. With summer approaching, conversations with Partners for a Healthy City…

June 1, 2013

Omaha Housing Authority policies support employees and residents

The Omaha Housing Authority (OHA) aims not only to help its employees make the healthy choice the easy choice at work, but for its residents to make the healthy choice…

May 31, 2013

Igniting culture change that impacts the health of staff and students

In collaboration with Live Well Omaha: Douglas County Putting Prevention to Work, school principal Eric Nelson embraces every opportunity to help facilitate a culture shift for students and staff at…

May 30, 2013

Eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages in the workplace

Girls Inc., who recently joined Partners for a Healthy City, implemented an initiative to serve no sugar-sweetened beverages on any of their properties. “At first it was hard on staff,…

May 6, 2013

Seldin Company’s contest makes it fun to take the stairs

Seldin Company and its employees held a “Save the Stairs” contest at their corporate office to promote health and wellness throughout the company. The contest was a friendly competition between…

May 12, 2012

Latino center helps seniors cultivate healthy new traditions

Traditions run deep in the Latino culture. From music, to recipes, to family – they’re the things that bring people together and create a sense of community. It’s some of…

September 14, 2011

Holy Cross parishioners find mind-body balance through exercise, education

At 91 years old, Holy Cross Catholic Church is feeling pretty spry. That’s thanks to a congregation with a mix of young families and older generations—a blend that keeps this…

September 13, 2011

Health center teaches positive moves through Zumba

From pop to Spanish hip-hop, from salsa to merengue, you can hear the music pumping. Twice a week, there’s always a group moving to the beat in Katia Torosian’s Zumba…

June 28, 2011

Outdoor fitness area opening in Elmwood Park

The City of Omaha welcomes the first of its kind outdoor fitness area, opening in Elmwood Park on Wednesday, June 29. “The vision for the park is to encourage and…

June 27, 2011

Trainer Tip: How much do we want it?

Joseph O’Meara If asked, a majority of people would probably say they would like to improve their quality of life. This often includes the desire to eat better and exercise….