June 1, 2013

Omaha Housing Authority policies support employees and residents

by Staff, Douglas County Health Department

The Omaha Housing Authority (OHA) aims not only to help its employees make the healthy choice the easy choice at work, but for its residents to make the healthy choice at home as well.

Healthy food and beverage options are an easy choice available for OHA employees. Water is available at all times and there are healthy vending options. As important as nutrition is, physical activity is just as important. Fridays are named “Get Fit Friday” where employees grab a friend and are encouraged to walk over their lunch hour.

OHA encouraged both good nutrition and physical activity with a friendly competition among employees. The “Biggest Loser” contest engaged 57 employees who lost a total of 300 pounds, with the top ten participants losing 180 pounds this last round.

OHA’s commitment to health goes beyond its 170 employees that are impacted by the new policies. OHA has presented the opportunity for its residents to live in smoke-free housing in 1,589 apartment units, as well as three six-plex buildings and 40 single family homes with more homes to turn smoke-free this year. This affects 1,867 residents: 1,567 adults and 300 children. Also, OHA offers health clinics, provided by the Charles Drew Health Center, in four of their towers to make access to quality health care easy and affordable to residents.

The Omaha Housing Authority plans to continue efforts and make them sustainable by forming a wellness committee at each of their sites.

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