May 6, 2013

Seldin Company’s contest makes it fun to take the stairs

by Staff, Douglas County Health Department

Seldin Company and its employees held a “Save the Stairs” contest at their corporate office to promote health and wellness throughout the company. The contest was a friendly competition between two teams led by company executives to decorate the stairwells at the Seldin corporate office. Each team was assigned a stairwell and asked to come up with a design concept that promoted wellness within a $200 budget. Professional painters were hired to paint a base color of the team’s choice. The rest of the work was then left up to each team to complete by the contest deadline, also referred to as judgment day.

On judgement day, the corporate office hosted a grand ‘re-opening’ of the stairwells to acknowledge everyone that worked on this project and announced the winning team. World Group, affiliated with Seldin Company, was invited to the corporate office to judge the stairwells and determine the winning team.

“Seldin Company is working to help its employees in the corporate office, as well as all of our locations improve their overall wellness by incorporating healthy activities into their daily routines. We encourage employees to take simple steps to add more physical activity into their daily routine, such as choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator. We also allow our employees to get out and walk during breaks and participate in wellness events and challenges that run year round to promote healthy behaviors.” said Leah Bond of Seldin Company.

The Stairwell Contest is part of a wellness initiative to improve the health culture of the corporate office. Before the contest, the stairwells were plain grey. The main goal was to make utilizing the stairs a more enjoyable experience. “By including everyone in the planning and creative design process, we hope to encourage more stair use and teamwork within the company. Also, the contest allowed employees that don’t usually interact much, the opportunity to work together on something fun and non-work related.” said Danielle Hagemeier with Seldin Company.

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